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The 25 Best Neighborhoods in Denver

There are two things you can count on in Denver these days: unpredictable weather and a scorching real estate market. Add in a booming restaurant and bar/brewery/distillery/coffee scene, a strong economy, impressive arts and cultural offerings, and easy access to Mother Nature and it’s clear why U.S. News & World Report recently declared Denver the second-best city to live in the country.

2018 Average Sale Price$512,143

But if you’re thinking of moving here, choosing between the treelined streets of South Park Hill and the proximity to top restaurants and cafes that Berkeley offers can be a stress-inducing puzzle. So we did the hard work for you. We crafted a livability formula (see “Breaking It Down” below) that takes into account home values, school quality, crime data, and those distinctive aspects that set a neighborhood apart (nightlife, bike-ability, open spaces, etc.) to evaluate all 78 Denver ’hoods. We present to you the 25 best places to live now—plus what nearby eateries, shops, and more you can enjoy once you’re settled.

Breaking It Down

How we developed our 25 Best Neighborhoods list.

Our ranking uses four variables: home prices, crime data, school rankings, and an X factor score (more on that below). Each category is weighted (30 percent for year-over-year percentage increase in home values; 25 percent for safety; 15 percent for neighborhood school ratings; and 30 percent for the X factor). Our initial list of 78 neighborhoods (which was whittled down to 70, as you’ll read below) is based on the city of Denver’s official map, which is why, for example, you’ll see North Capitol Hill mentioned even though locals call it Uptown.

  • Average home sale prices (as of January 2019) were provided by REcolorado. Percentage increase reflects the change in average sale prices from 2017 to 2018. Eight Denver neighborhoods did not have statistics available (or had five or fewer sales in 2018) and thus were excluded from consideration.
  • Crime data—the total number of crimes reported in each neighborhood in 2018—come from the Denver Police Department. The figures were then adjusted per capita using population statistics from the American Community Survey’s 2011–15 neighborhood data.
  • School ratings were taken from Denver Public Schools’ School Performance Framework (SPF) for the 2017–18 school year. The SPF scores for the public schools in each neighborhood were averaged: Five is the highest score (correlating to “Distinguished” in the SPF report); one is the lowest (“Accredited on Probation” in the report). For areas that did not have schools within their boundaries, we averaged the ratings of the schools in adjacent neighborhoods.
  • We gave each neighborhood an X factor rating on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest). To determine these scores, we took into account things that can’t be easily quantified, such as access to open space, cultural activities, nearby public transportation, bike and walk scores, and restaurant and shopping options.

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NeighborhoodRankPopulation2018 Average Sale PriceNew Listings in 2018Real Estate RankSchools ScoreCrime RankX Factor Score
Country Club13,187$ 1,753,1477653.648.5
Belcaro24,728$ 1,570,63220165167
Washington Park37,310$ 867,17934635369
Virginia Village414,118$ 490,8892144386
University Park57,560$ 653,918103214286.5
Berkeley68,564$ 603,789396233298.5
Washington Park West77,269$ 567,703154383138.5
Five Points814,768$ 523,8574633689.5
University Hills95,918$ 530,62416564466
Congress Park1011,240$ 576,205224533.5148.5
Indian Creek113,512$ 315,3114930414.5
Cheesman Park128,545$ 436,05217783.4537.5
North Capitol Hill (Uptown)135,923$ 503,0642623658.5
Capitol Hill1415,704$ 497,879736203.4598.5
Hampden1518,866$ 344,205122133.3215
Whittier165,989$ 552,20496313.3206.5
North Park Hill1710,533$ 463,467108222.776
Southmoor Park184,844$ 535,37589103195
South Park Hill199,150$ 647,80576644118
Overland203,241$ 467,3674213.4646.5
Wellshire213,363$ 576,1874459526
Hampden South2214,838$ 383,07132113174.5
Hilltop239,210$ 934,06316969437
Sunnyside249,832$ 555,787297293.2417.5
City Park West254,583$ 543,67380193638.5


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